Vanini Kids

The Tooth Fairy is a project by Dr. Camille Vanini, extended to the entire pediatric dentistry team, which encourages children and shows that going to the dentist also has its fun side. She encourages dentists to connect with patients in an “accessible” way so they break the taboo of fear “Fear of the dentist is in the past. We work competently, but also in a light atmosphere, especially with children, so that they have a pleasant experience, making our patients smile,” said Dr. Vanini.

Vanini Clinic has personalized offices according to the public served. Oral hygiene instructions and fun educational activities are provided.

Prevention in pediatric dentistry is crucial to ensuring children’s oral health. It helps prevent future dental problems, promotes oral hygiene habits from an early age and reduces the need for invasive treatments. Furthermore, prevention contributes to the healthy development of permanent teeth and the general well-being of children, creating a solid foundation for an adult life with good oral health.

Your child will love playing with the brush and his friends. A space made with children in mind. The big difference with Vanini Kids is that children identify with the space. For us, making a child smile is the most rewarding job there is.

In addition, we have the social project “Tooth Fairy hunting the pirate”, which in addition to being carried out at Vanini Clinic, extends to providing services to needy communities with the support of national brands such as: Dental Clean and Colgate and with the partnership of ABO-DF.

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