About Us

The Vanini Clinic has been a reference in ORAL HEALTH and the promotion of WELL-BEING desde 1982. since 1982. It was founded by Dr. Gutemberg Vanini, a doctor specializing in HOMEOPATHY AND PHYTOTHERAPY, recognized at NATIONAL LEVE for providing excellent services for over 40 years. Dr. Gutemberg Vanini inspired his daughter, Dr. Camile Vanini, today the dentist responsible for the clinic. A family mission, which combines tradition and humanization in excellent care in MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY.


Through the hands of Dr. Camile Vanini, the clinic expanded services to serve the dentistry segment. From parents to children, Vanini Clinic offers all the structure for successful family treatment, in all areas of dentistry.

You will have a team of highly qualified specialists. We have a multidisciplinary team prepared for MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE, salways using quality materials and the support of advanced technologies to guarantee the BEST treatment for patients.


SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION and discover the power of personalized care. This is the experience that VANINI CLINIC has been offering since 1982.

Our mission

Our mission is to care for the health of our patients in a personalized and humanized way. We seek to offer high quality dental treatments, working in a broad, multidisciplinary and innovative way, using advanced technology and modern techniques, in order to provide quality, welcoming care, ensuring satisfaction and well-being.

Our vision

To be recognized for excellence in the Dentistry and Medicine segment, with an innovative, technological and humanized business model.

Our compromise

Be constantly trained to act with expertise, ethics and transparency in all procedures. Maintain strict standards of control, care, and total safety for our patients.

How to get?

Come visit us and discover the path to a healthy smile!

QSA-15 LOT 01 - Ground floor and 1st floor
Taguatinga Sul, DF 72015- 150